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Kissing 101 How to be a torrid yet passionate kisser- Kiss to Kill

Kissing 101 How to be a torrid yet passionate kisser- Kiss to Kill

Oh well you already know, the title has been stolen from dress to kill, but what's in a name. You come here to find ways how to kiss like a pro and that's what you will get. See the first kiss is very important, for you and for your date. If you makes it a disaster the first time, chances are you won't be a good kisser all your life.I am not frightening you, just stating plain fact.

-Okay, lets start from the beginning. Never kiss in a crowded place for the first time. The first time needs to be special and it is important that you two are alone so that if there are any hiccups, no body is witness to that.

-Don't just jump on her throat and grab her, kiss her like a maniac.Keep yourself in your pants. You might be hungry to get inside her, but artful kissing will take you to that place called haven, ( no dying necessary). Start with fanning her with your breath, on her neck preferably. Most of the girls find it sensual if you breath deeply on their neck. By the way, always check that you breath like a fresh daisy, no one likes to kiss someone who is always on a breathalyser.

- Bend your head the other way than your partner's. This will give you the freedom to keep the touch at maximum level. (Remember touch is an important part in love making. So keep massaging her thighs and back gently, while kissing).

-Explore your partner's mouth with your tongue, but don't choke them. You don't want to look desperate. This is your first time, right.

- To close or not to close- I mean eyes and not your fly, stupid. Its better to close eyes during your first kiss, even if you prefer the other way round. If you kiss with your eyes open, your partner might think that there are other things on your mind which are more important than kissing her. And you don't want her to assume that.( If you want that kiss).

So that's it boys and gals. Keep your head on your shoulders and be sober. You don't want to ruin the sweet memories of your first kiss with hang overs and head aches.

In a poll 90% of women said that they wish their partners kissed them more, but what makes a great kiss and you the perfect kisser?

Here are some basics on french kissing, the history of kissing, why we do it, why we enjoy it and how to give a kiss to remember.

Kissing can express friendship, emotional attachment or can be extremely arousing, depending on the ways it’s done.

Why do we kiss?

Kissing probably derived from ancient times, with food being transferred from the mother’s to her baby’s mouths.

This lip contact developed into a way for mothers to show love to their children. This then developed and became a way to show both love and desire.

What’s the difference between a kiss that falls flat and one that makes you feel weak at the knees? 

What to do if you bang your teeth...
Laugh it off. Tell your partner you're so excited to kiss him or 
her that you're getting dizzy just standing so close. Dizzy with
excitement! They'll believe you. Then get back to kissing . . . 
and get dizzy for real.

How to kiss passionately...
The secret to great kissing is variety. Sometimes you're gentle,
sometimes you're rough. Ouch! Tease your partner with a little bite on
the lips -- as if you can't control yourself and want to eat them up.
Press your nose into your partner's cheek and hug 'em to you,
like the Eskimos.

What to avoid...
Bad breath -- use gum to keep your mouth sweet.
Boring kisses -- vary the intensity, the tempo, the duration.
Silence -- every now and then say something sweet.

Too much tongue -- don't suffocate your partner.
Rigor Mortis -- keep your hands caressing your lover.

How to french kiss...

The secret to great french kissing is responsiveness.
Sometimes you lead, sometimes you let your partner lead.
Don't just use your tongue like a dart!

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