Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Love Doctor answers My gals' Family don't like me and other trust issues

Real Life Problems with Girl's Family

Hello again, sorry for the long delay between postings, I have a new client in my online job as of late and we have been busy me and my staff in doing progress in planning and all these business crap. How are my readers of the Love Doctor doing? I hope everybody is fine.

To start off the month, actually end the month of April, Love Doctor Mac will discuss something here with you guys, it's about some guys problem with his love and family of his girl, read on. By the way keep those letters mailed to me and be assured I have read them all. It may take time for the Real Love Doctor to post it but it will be live in my Love doctor site. Enjoy your stay

Love Doc,

Hi 'n' hw r u? Ths z Bennie frm Malawi. Me I huv ths problem: I huv a garl lover, nw its 2yrs we r 2gether I luv her so much even her mum she has bin lovng me 2, but nw me & her mom its lyk Tom & Jerry bcz of a certain incident whch hapened btwn me and ma garl in whch I adresd 2 her mom. NOW her mom wz tellng her 2 leave me and 2 go out wth a certain dude who has everythng thn me. Ma garl wz said 'she cant b confortable wth sm1 who has everythng thn me in whch we wil b startng 2gether BUT me am I cant trust her sayngs coz @ 1 tym she received a 4n credit frm him and 2 me she said its her dad who sends, later on I found out that it wznt her dad' so ma question z what shud or wat steps shud I take? PLZ HELP ME. Gud tym.


Good day Bennie, I know it took me a long time to get back to you, because the months followed was busy days for the Love Doctor Mac. Anyways we'll get to your problem, no worries.

In most countries, family plays a big role in Love and Relationships, always take note of that, most Asian and Eastern culture adopt the so called, parents first policy when it comes to choosing their life partners or their relationships, there we can always hear and see fix marriages, inter wooven family close friends relationships, and those that the parents and another close business family taking into consideration in marrying their children off to business partners where they feel fit to further the improvements and to carry on the family business.

This traits make life in the western world for love and relationships a little less stressful, because in many western culture when you turn 18, you got kicked out in the house, your folks wants you to be independent and be able to take care of your self, they couldn't care less to which guy or gal you might end up to marrying. This is also evident in all western occupied countries. But I do know this tiny little fact, Europeans and Asians also live in Malawi. Most Europeans are British and Portuguese from Mozambique, and Asians are mostly Indians.

Now I don't know if Malawi was influenced by western culture or does it still hold values in your long traditional cultures. So I can't speak with the family issue thing. So for now I will guide you to the steps which you can do to fulfill a lasting relationship with your girl, or better if you two seperate ways or not?

I know lot of folks reading this would probably comment like it's gay, or it's over even when I started talking and such, but life is not about coolness and being prideful, life is about consideration and coping up to it's never ending changes, once you have achieved the patience and the perseverance to cope up with life, that is the only way you can say that you have become a well rounded person and have been fully experienced to take on life challenges head on!

Your Steps:

1. The problem here started when you adressed something with your girls' mom and things change, since I can't tell what was that problem, I advice you to take steps in fixing it.

2. Trust issue- your trust meter to your girl has gone stale and down into red alert when you caught her outright lying in your face, this time it's about money and credit card. One big part of the pie graph in a relationship is trust. I know it's hard for partners to trust each other nowadays, but this can be fix easily, talking and consoling to each other is a good start, you can try address with her the loopholes in her that you want to patched up, tell her that you have never lied to her, why is she lying to you? Do this at a good time, like a stroll in the park or in a beach where both of you are comfortable, by doing this you are not only saving the relationship into becoming a drowning ship, but you are reinforcing the love between you guys by doing good constant communication.

3. Lastly is, why not focus on being successful at your own pace and rate, since this family and almost most of the girls out there are looking for a successful guy and with lots of moolah to boot, you can do this using a million methods, business, online business, good job, hard work and stuff like that, it may not be today or the next month, but when the family sees you have a good future ahead they might change their mind with the guy they are forcing your girl to see with.

In all your problem is not that hard compare to many other problems out there, it just take a lot to be the man!, the man that your girl will love, or if not your girl today, maybe other girls out there that will be fit to you. It's all about being the alpha male! You can fake it and have instant success, but the best there is, is to be really the man for life. When I say you become the man, you have to be responsible, loveable and you have a good future set with you. This will erase a lot of minor problems arising in your part finding the right girl to love.

That's it Bennie, Love Doctor Mac Hopes you will have a great day ahead of you and may you be bless always, good luck in patching up your problem with your girl and her family. May the future holds bright for you

Til next time, keep those letters pouring in my dear readers!

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