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Finding a great Date this Valentines

Finding a great Date this Valentines

Introduction Finding a great Date this Valentines

Does spending another Valentines Day dateless leave you feeling sad and hopeless. It can be one of the loneliness nights of the year. Instead of letting it get you down, here are some tips for finding a casual date so you don’t have to go it alone.

Instructions Finding a great Date this Valentines

Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You'll Need

  • Computer



Step One

Internet ads are easy to place and can net you immediate interest, making you feel better about yourself. EHarmony is the most popular. Call your girlfriend and have both of you spend time putting together a great ad. Remember that you’re looking for potential dates, not the love of your life. Keep your search criteria as open as possible to include the maximum number of responses. Have fun and use your sense of humor.

Step Two

If you’ve already got a profile up, change your headline, essay, and picture to help you generate more feedback. You can even hire a professional to rewrite your entire ad and make it the best it can be. Instead of using a snap shot, get a professional photograph taken which shows how you really look and brings out your personality.

Step Three

People all around you have family and friends in for the holidays that wouldn't normally be in town, so let your pals know you’re interested in having a date for New Year’s.

Step Four

Call up your single friend and ask him or her if they’d consider accompanying you to a New Year’s celebration. Go a step further and ask them to bring a co worker and you bring a co worker, too. Remind them that it’s just a casual date, and not romance, you’re looking for.

Step Five

When chatting on forums, find people you have a lot in common with in your area, and find out what they are doing on New Year’s Eve. As you find each person, invite them to meet you at a mutual place on New Years Eve.

Step Six

There are a lot of places where there are parties geared specifically toward singles. Search your local paper or internet for singles parties in your area.

Overall Tips & Warnings

  • Have a laid back approach about it all. This will help ease any worries of finding the right person, and instead open up their ideas to people you wouldn't normally considered.
  • Remember you are looking for a date, not a spouse.

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