Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to Approach women in 3 simple guides and tips

How to Approach women in 3 simple guides and tips

Are you tired of being alone on Saturday night? I was like you once. I was lonely, unsuccessful with women, and just generally depressed with life. I decided one day to throw my entire mindset away and start anew with an improved mind-set. So I decided to go out and approach the first women I laid my eyes on. I've been doing this ever since and I have found out what works and what doesn't. Now that I am much more successful with women, I would like to share with you my top 3 tips for approaching women!

Tip #1 - Be different!

Women get approached every single day almost non stop whenever they're out. Probably GREATER then 9 times out of 10 a guy is going to approach them with a compliment. Usually, all they end up leaving with is rejection or a fake phone number. Instead of opening with a compliment, ask them an opinionated question like for example, if you're at a mall open with something like this "Hey, I'm here shopping for my sisters birthday present, can you help me?" Or also you could try a harmless joke like "Nice shoes, my baby sister has a pair just like them." Most guys won't ever touch this method for approaching women even if their life was on the line. Although it sounds strange, TRUST me, this is the single most effective way to be when approaching women.

Tip #2 - Be Groomed!

First impressions are everything. Nothing sets off a first impression more then messy hair, an acne ridden face, or untrimmed facial hair and nails. You don't have to dress in $100 dollar designer shirts, but make sure what you do wear is nice, fitted and matching. Make sure your clothing is always wrinkle-free, stainless, color coded matching, and always keep your shoes squeaky clean. Always shave your face and always fix your hair. Keep your nails trimmed and your teeth clean. Also never forget your deodorant and don't be afraid to apply a little bit of cologne.

Tip #3 - Be Confident!

Confidence is a beautiful thing. It can turn a selfless loser into a stud that attracts everyone around him. Confidence is the SINGLE most important thing when approaching women. If you appear confident, you will be more successful with approaching women, and life in general. A woman isn't going to give her number to a man who speaks quietly and hunches over. A woman wants a man in control and who displays this through conversation and body language. Don't be afraid of rejection, because chances are you will never see this woman again. If you just adapt the mindset that trumpets should play when you walk into the room, your life will INSTANTLY improve. Act confident, look confident, BE confident.

If you follow these tips as closely as I say, then I can guarantee you that you will INSTANTLY see an improvement on your success with women and with your life in general. I hope you enjoyed those three quick tips designed to help you increase your success with women simply and without much effort.

3 Tips For Approaching Women by Clark Cassidy

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