Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is Going to the Movies and Dinner too boring for a date?

Is Going to the Movies and Dinner too boring for a date?

What makes for an exciting, fun date? Is it really a boring date if you just go to dinner and a movie? Many men feel like it makes for a nice evening if they take their date out to dinner and then go to a movie. Most women feel that a date like that is boring. There must be a way to please both sexes.

When you are first getting to know someone, a date is a chance to see the other person in a particular situation and to see how they act and react to specific events. We want to know if the other person gets angry easily, what they like and dislike, and most of all, if this is someone we care to spend more time with. Let’s examine the dinner and a movie date and see if it is truly a good opportunity to get to know the person we are dating.

Assume that this is the second or third date you are going out on with this person. You are probably

speaking on the phone or sending emails to arrange for the date. Should the man decide which restaurant to go to? What about the choice of which movie to see? The way a couple handles these decisions can be indicative of what is to come later on in the relationship. Hopefully you have had a short discussion about where to eat. One of you may like a particular restaurant or want to try a place based on a recommendation from a friend. Watch out if one person absolutely will not eat at a pace you suggest. Unless they have dietary restrictions or have had a bad experience at that location they should be open to going to a restaurant of your choice. They are not buying the place; they are only going to have a meal there.

Now you both must decide how you will meet and get to the restaurant. The days of the man picking up the woman at her home may not be practical in today’s society. People live further away from each other or may be coming directly from work or some other place. See how your date handles this issue.

Once you are at the restaurant you will be aware of every detail. Has a reservation been made, if needed? Does the man pull out the chair for the woman to sit down? How you and your date handle the ordering of drinks, appetizers, and the main course says much about what kind of people they are and what their expectations of each other will be.

So far it looks like going out to dinner is an excellent opportunity to see the other person in a new situation. Now let’s get to the movie.

Men and women tend to have very different tastes in which movies they like to see. It may be almost impossible to find a film that both the man and the woman will thoroughly enjoy. You then must decide what kind of movie would at least be somewhat enjoyable for both of you to watch. Two and a half hours can be an eternity if you sitting in a theater with a film you just can’t stand. Also, when the lights go down and the movie starts your chance to interact with each other has almost disappeared. However, subtle events like choosing the seats, who sits on the end, where the woman can put her purse, and what to do when people talk or climb over you can all be good opportunities to see how both of the people react in such situations.

The bottom line is this: the dinner and a movie date might seem boring but it is a chance to spend several hours with someone before you commit to the rest of your life. If you really don’t enjoy that type of outing, be the one to suggest something more interesting for the next date.

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